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Welcome to a revolution in home building.

Elegant modular and tiny homes, designed with you in mind. 

Improving lives with well-designed, health-focused homes.

We have your next

Our Homes

Two products with multiple possibilities.

LiV Connected - Connected Home - 01.JPG

Single-Family Homes

  • 1-4 Bedroom Options | 500-1,500+ SF

  • As low as $240/SF or $900/Month*

  • Customizable Layouts

  • Interior & Exterior finish options

  • Add-On Packages available

  • Built and delivered within half the time of site-built projects

  • No crane required for assembly


Tiny Homes on Wheels

  • 8'-6" wide with lengths from 24'-0" to 40'-0"

  • Ground floor, loft or gooseneck options

  • Three trim packages to choose from 

  • Full kitchens and bathrooms

  • Financing available

  • Fully inspected as a Park Model RV

Designed by award-winning architects &
manufactured by experts in modular systems

Liv-Connected was founded by the architects behind NYC based firm DXA studio, and all our homes are designed to meet the highest standards. We partnered with ATOMIC Homes, the experts behind the complex, rapidly deployable, and quick-to-assemble designs for the world’s top bands and biggest brands. Read more about our collaboration here.

Innovative Construction

Introducing Component Linked Construction a.k.a. the CLiC System

The CLiC system is the basis of design for all our homes.


The core pieces of the home, bathrooms, utility and kitchens, are shipped volumetrically, but the rest of the home is flat packed, meaning it folds down so we're not shipping empty space. This allows us to ship with fewer trucks, keeping costs and emissions down. We can also ship further and to more remote locations than other companies, and in multiple methods, by truck, train, or barge to provide housing to those in need, wherever that may be. 


Because the pieces are lighter in weight than full volumes, we can install a home using only a telehandler, so no crane is needed.

The individual components of the home can be assembled in a variety of ways, allowing the layouts to be easily customized to fit you or your family's needs.

Why Build With Us?

We understand purchasing a home is complicated, so we are a one-stop-shop and have tools to navigate the process with you every step of the way


Our home prices include all the finishes, fixtures, appliances, and everything but the furniture installed.

On top of that, we will help you estimate the cost of preparing your site, transporting the home to your location, building a foundation, connecting utilities and hiring a contractor for all of the above. 


Click below to get an idea of your total project cost. 

We have partnered with multilple lenders to offer you competitive financing options for all stages of your home-building project, including:

  • Land Acquisition

  • Construction Loans

  • Traditional Mortgages

Our lenders support modular housing and treat it the same as a site-built project.  Check out our options, rates, and see what you qualify for below. 



Our CLiC system allows us to ship anywhere in the country. By flat-packing the home pieces, we can send 500SF on one flat-bed truck rather than shipping volumes and empty space. This reduces the carbon footprint and cost to you.  

We are also able to install homes without the need for a crane, making it easier in hard-to-reach places. 

Click below for shipping estimates to a town near you.

Speedy Delivery

Our homes take 4-12 weeks to build in the factory, depending on the size. That's a vast improvement over the 12-18 months of a typical home project, reducing holding costs and allowing for homes in disaster situations to be rapidly deployed. 

The catch is, we need to go through approvals, which varies from place to place, but we can help navigate that process. 

Click to see what our typical home buildout timeline looks like. 

Homes for Every Lifestyle

Do you need—

  • A carefree and less expensive way to buy your first home?

  • Room to expand with your growing family?

  • A getaway home in the woods?

  • An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for your parents | kids | studio | rental unit?

  • A home that cares for you as you age?


Whether it's your first house or your fifth, we have a home for you

Exterior of Conexus home with copper roof and black front wall

A beautiful and rapidly-deployable living space. Modules can be configured to meet the needs of your family. All our homes are:

  • Built in our factory and assembled on your land on a permanent foundation


  • Delivered with all fixtures, finishes, appliances & equipment included

  • Able to be personalized with interior and exterior color schemes and multiple floorplan configurations

  • Sold by our team of experienced architects who can help you navigate the home-buying experience (see our Process page for more information)

  •  Offered with add-on packages including integrated healthcare devices, upgraded appliances, and soon-to-come smarthome technology, green-living packages and more












square feet



square feet



square feet

Exterior of Via farmhouse style tiny home with black exterior roof and walls

Our tiny home on wheels. Maximize your space while enjoying the freedom to roam.  All homes are 8'-6" wide and range from 24'-0" to 40'-0" long.  The home comes with:

  • Three styles to select from and a ground-floor, queen-sized bedroom in all layouts with an option for loft space

  • A trailer that can be set on a plot of land or remain moveable

  • All fixtures, finishes, appliances and equipment included

  • Continuous insulation that exceeds the current code standards

  • Park Model RV certification for all units, built and sold by a manufacturer and dealer PA state certified

  • A network of Tiny Home communities with years of experience in finding land and placing your home






bedroom with
loft space







bedroom with

loft space



square feet



square feet



square feet



square feet

Via Tiny Home in a wooded lot

Why build with us?

One stop shop

Liv-Connected is your partner in home buying and demystifying the complicated process of home building so you can move into the home of your dreams. See our Process section for a step-by-step guide on how to build a home and what we do to guide you through the process.  

Superior construction

Our Conexus and Via homes are built by modular industry and fabrication experts, ATOMIC Homes, who utilize technology and skilled craftsmanship that is superior to typical stick-built construction. All of our designs undergo full-scale testing to ensure they are built to the highest standards.

Designed for livability and efficiency 

Our homes are designed by award-winning architects, DXA studio, to provide dignified living for all phases of life. Our home construction methods minimize waste and ensure our homes can be constructed in a fraction of the time with minimal risk of delay. 

Our Process

Line drawing of Liv-Connected process


Discover your site.

Whether you own a piece of land or are still searching, the process starts here. We evaluate your site to determine what can be built. We will also be offering help with land acquisition soon.


Plan your home.

Buy one of our standard models or collaborate with us to design the home of your dreams. Our architects & engineers can assist with filing, approval, and placing your home on the site, or we can coordinate with an architect of your choice. 



We will send your drawings to the factory for manufacturing and oversee contractors on site to be sure everything is properly prepared for installation.


Make your move.

Once your home gets delivered to the site and installed by an approved team, you’re ready to move in!

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