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Liv Health Hub

Health in the hands of the consumer.

Introducing Liv Health Hub

Liv-Connected’s mission includes a health-focused home. We would like to provide you with resources to digital health devices and other market-tested health tools that can help you optimize care at home.

You should always consult with medical professionals if questions arise, but we understand navigating the complex world of healthcare is not easy, and Liv is here to enhance your knowledge base on what's available so you can make sound and essential decisions with your healthcare provider.


How it works

When you order a Liv-connected home you can add a health care package, depending upon your needs, all in the same purchase.


Suppose you have balance difficulties, a motor neurological condition, or an elderly parent. You have the option to order an autonomous fall detection system that can be factory installed to blend in with the home.


The system will be set up by our partner WellAware Care and a text message will go to a care giver, notifying them of a fall and the location.  We can provide more information throughout the home selection process to help establish peace of mind and a home that takes care of you.

Tools Available

Links will take you to an email. Get in touch with us and we'll get you set up!  We are working in partnership with WellAware Care, a software developer and distributor of digital health devices. 

Liv Health Insights

Check here for updates on home health, wellness, digital devices and more.

Winter 2023

✔The Truth

What the data tells us.

       •     60% occur at home

       •     ⚠️Not all involve seniors

       •     Fall injuries occurred in 32.2% of  seniors,

               while 67.6% occurred almost evenly  between

               middle age and younger adults.

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What Happens?

🏥Each year, over 3 million people are treated in Emergency Departments for fall injuries.  One in five people has a head injury or a broken hip. Others have sprains, dislocations, abrasions, and open wounds. 

What to Do?

Talk to your doctor.  Have them evaluate you for risks, review medications, do strength and balance exercises, check your eyes, and make your home safer.

Click the image to download a PDF of this information.

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