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Via Tiny Home

Via Homes are designed for a life in motion. Whether you’re on the move, downsizing, simplifying or vacationing, the Via Home is all about ergonomics, comfort and great design.

Starting at $90,000


Via Models

Ground floor 1 bedroom

Via - Loft
1 bedroom with loft space

Via Standard

Designed for rapid deployment, our base model is an affordable, fully functional home that can transition from interim to permanent housing. 


Via Modern

Our Modern model is intended to bring contemporary refinement to the comfortable elements of home, with a warm, uplifting interior and simple exterior design that is sure to stand out. 


Via Farmhouse

Our farmhouse-inspired design brings the look of the classic country home, with traditional black and white elements, feature walls and natural wood placed carefully throughout the home.


All the elements of home

A spacious, functional 

  • Component-linked construction (CLiC) technology with higher quality materials 
    and craftsmanship than standard 

  • More efficient with less square footage

  • A minimized footprint without the sacrifice of comfort or functionality

  • Warm finishes and well-lit spaces



Maximum comfort in a small footprint

Queen-sized bedrooms

Bathroom with shower and pocket door

Full kitchen, including cooktop, refrigerator, sink, faucet, custom cabinetry and integrated storage


Built-in storage throughout, including ample closet space

Partial height flex loft space for a bedroom, office or storage

Customizations & upgrades

Washer & dryer and upgrades available

Flooring upgrades available

Customizable finish & material upgrades

Well-lit spaces

Dimmable lights in main spaces

Operable windows in each room

Premium materials

Finished birch plywood interior walls

Waterproof vinyl flooring

Built-in convenience

Built-in air conditioner, water heater, plumbing and electrical panel 

Solar-ready power source

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