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POST | Our Origin Story

Liv-Connected started back in 2018 when two of our Founders, Dr. Herb Rogove and Jordan Rogove were discussing how to better integrate healthcare into the home. While this s still a huge part of our mission, the first version of the home itself came out of a disaster!

The first Conexus Home was designed for a competition held by the State of Texas General Land Office (GLO) to replace FEMA homes. With the second highest score of over 34 submitted solutions, were chosen as one of four finalists. Being all too familiar with the devastation families and individuals face after a disaster and the absolute nightmare of recovery, we sought to design a home that not only fit the criteria requested by the GLO, but more importantly, would maintain a sense of dignified, healthy and comfortable living for those who occupy it, whether temporarily or permanently.

The current Conexus Home (and our logo!) looks a little different, but we are proud to have created a place that's affordable, rapidly deployable, and well designed. We hope it can help people through some of their most overwhelming times of need.

Our scorecard from the competition is below, and you can read more about it HERE. If you want to know how our homes can help in a disaster of any kind, or if you'd like more information on how modular homes can help disaster relief in general, please get in touch!



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