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INTERIOR DESIGN | Healthcare and Architecture Professionals Team Up to Create Modular Homes

With a mission to change the future of home ownership through affordable, well-designed, and healthy homes, Liv-Connected was launched in 2019 by a doctor and a trio of experienced architects: Herb Rogove, DO, FACP, FATA who’s now CEO; Rogove’s son Jordan and Wayne Norbeck, cofounders of wellness-centric architecture firm DXA Studio; and architect Joe Wheeler, now chief innovation officer. It came about when they were answering an open call for disaster-relief housing, which prompted the foursome to investigate the relationships between equitable, accessible, and healthful construction. The result: Conexus Home, built with cartridges and flat-pack components in sustainable engineered wood, along with metal siding and roofs, cedar porches, maple interiors, and recyclable, waterproof vinyl flooring and bathroom finishes.

Now Conexus+ goes further, complementing the efficient building materials with medical technology. “We’ve partnered with Vayyar and WellAware,” Dr. Rogove explains. “They produce fall-detection technology that’s ready to be integrated into the homes. We also work with the client to integrate off-the-shelf products for monitoring vital signs and communication devices to connect with your doctor via telehealth.”

And while the home designs are timeless, Liv-Connected is looking ahead to provide additional house tech, including air-quality controls, biometric vital statistic sensors, smart mirrors, and consumer wearables.



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