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CS ENGINEERING MAGAZINE | Liv-Connected Debuts Home Concept Built for Wellness

New York, NY – What if a house wasn’t just a place to live? What if a home could improve lives while delivering affordability, sustainability, and good design? What if a home could grow with a family and continue to meet its changing needs, year after year?

Liv-Connected, founded in 2019 by a team of experienced architects and a healthcare expert, is committed to the mission of providing an accessible, equitable housing solution in a market that is inaccessible for many.

With a rising demand for housing, a skilled labor shortage, and the market’s desire to live away from crowded cities, Liv-Connected is positioned to redefine the housing market through their novel approach to modular construction, leveraging thoughtful design and quality, factory construction.

The concept began with a renowned architectural firm based in New York, NY. In answering a call for design submissions for disaster-relief housing, they ultimately produced a solution that could answer many of the challenges of the homebuilding market including material and labor shortages and limited housing inventory.

“We spent three years researching and developing new housing technologies and medical integrations,” said Jordan Rogove, Liv Connected’s Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer. Rogove co founded DXA Studio with colleague Wayne Norbeck before partnering with him and fellow architect Joe Wheeler along with Dr. Herb Rogove to create Liv-Connected. “Our mission was to change the future of home ownership with affordable, well-designed and well-built homes.”

Conexus Home and Conexus Home+: A focus on health, quality of life

The Conexus Home and Conexus Home + by Liv-Connected are built with cartridges and flat-pack components that standardize the processes of manufacturing and shipping, while allowing for the pieces to be assembled in a multitude of configurations.

“By bringing unique voices to the conversation around traditional home construction, Liv-Connected has created methods and processes that put the homeowners’ well-being first,” explains Herb Rogove, DO, FACP, FATA, Cofounder and CEO of Liv-Connected. Dr. Rogove is also the founder of C3O Telemedicine, one of the country’s first clinical providers of stroke and neurocritical care virtual services. “This includes a unique focus on incorporating health related tech into homes, providing owners with secure, private and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs in the privacy and comfort of their home.”

The idea for the Conexus home was done in collaboration with fellow architect Joe Wheeler, Virginia Tech professor and leader of the FutureHAUS concept. A globally recognized innovator in the areas of housing industrialization, environmental sustainability and technology integration, Wheeler serves as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer. He has spent over a decade leading the FutureHAUS project, helping student researchers, industry, government, and academic partners explore solutions to the world’s global housing challenges. His efforts won Virginia Tech multiple Solar Decathlon competitions for the world’s best sustainable home.

Via Home: Modular Building for People on the Move

Via Homes apply the same design concept as Conexus but are structured for people who want to stay more mobile. With wheels and a tow hitch built in, Via lets the homeowner transport the unit to any desired location and easily pack up again when it’s time to see new sights. Models are available in 24- foot and 28-foot lengths.

Delivery and Installation Conexus home modules are shipped flat-packed on a single flat-bed truck trailer. Once the home arrives on site, Liv-Connected’s installation team can get to work installing the home, or work with a homeowner’s chosen contractor.

Every Conexus home comes with installation instructions, similar to popular furniture companies. Typically, a crane or tele-handler is required to assemble the home, and within hours, a Conexus home is ready for move in. Liv-Connected homes home can adapt and support a family’s changing needs. For example, a young couple buys a home with two bedrooms. In traditional homebuilding, they would then have to move to a bigger house when their family expands, or when aging parents join the household. In this case, they can simply add units to the home, just like LEGO blocks to adjust to their changing needs.

Accessible Housing: Immediate, Custom Designed Liv-Connected’s design-focused homes can be rapidly deployed and customized. Building techniques take advantage of efficiencies in construction, manufacturing, and smart technology to deliver comfortable, environmentally sustainable and affordable living solutions. And all in less than six months from order to delivery.

Liv-Connected is ensuring every prospective homeowner can be eligible for financing. Liv Connected also provides assistance in creating a tiny home that meets all local and state zoning code requirements and can be built on a homeowner’s land of choice. Relationships and partnerships with developers around the country also guarantee that Liv-Connected home buyers can receive assistance on purchasing land for their custom home.

About Liv-Connected Liv-Connected was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced architects, and healthcare providers. By bringing unique voices to the conversation around traditional home construction, Liv-Connected has created methods and processes that put homeowners’ well-being first. This includes a unique focus on incorporating health-related tech into homes, providing owners with secure, private and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs. To learn more visit



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