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Conexus Home

Project Location: Lititz, Pennsylvania

Manufacturer: Atomic Homes

Builder: Liv-Connected

System: Modular Construction

Size Category: Less than 2,000 Square Feet

The Conexus Home is a single-family, one-bedroom house. Liv-Connected is currently ushering this design, and variations of it, into production for affordable housing, disaster relief and single- family homes. This home is 13 feet x 6 inches wide, so it fits easily onto one standard flatbed truck. The company developed a system that breaks down construction into two types of pieces: components and links.

Components are the core parts of each home. They are shipped with all finishes, fixtures, plumbing, HVAC and electrical components installed. Links are pieces used to create rooms of any size. They fold down and fit onto the truck inside the component pieces, making shipping more efficient. The company has recommended floor plans, but owners can reconfigure the pieces to create homes that suit their needs. For instance, the basic one-bedroom model can be added to as needed to create two- and three-bedroom models.

The home is framed with Weyerhauser’s Framer Series lumber. Zip sheathing and metal siding create a weather-tight exterior. The interior is clad in finished birch plywood, which acts as structural bracing and brings warmth to the interior spaces.



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