We're building the future of home ownership.

Affordable, architect-designed homes built for your lifestyle. 

What we do

Liv-Connected was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced architects, healthcare providers, and live event professionals. By bringing unique voices to the conversation around traditional home construction, Liv Connected has created methods and processes that put homeowners’ well-being first. This includes a unique focus on incorporating health-related tech into homes, providing owners with secure, private, and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs. 

All of Liv-Connected’s design-focused homes can be rapidly deployed and endlessly customized. Building techniques take advantage of efficiencies in construction, manufacturing and smart technology to deliver comfortable, environmentally sustainable, and affordable living solutions.


Our partners


DXA studio is an award-winning architectural design firm whose expertise spans a broad spectrum of project types, including multi-family and single family residential, commercial, institutional, hotel and event design. As the architects behind Liv-Connected, the DXA team set out rethink the way we build to create thoughtful, functional spaces for today’s family. 


ATOMIC creates immersive environments for the world’s top bands and biggest brands. With two decades of experience building complex, customized construction that is rapidly deployable and assembles quickly, ATOMIC is the ideal manufacturing partner for Liv-Connected. ATOMIC builds each Liv- Connected home in their Lititz, Pennsylvania headquarters.  


As the world’s largest tiny home rental community, Live Tiny established its reputation in Central Pennsylvania. In 2020, the decision to pivot to an owner community was made, with Live Tiny focusing their industry knowledge on providing a better experience for the full-time tiny home owner. Live Tiny is now broadening to offer a holistic experience which expands to communities for both renters and owners in locations across the United States.