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Conexus Home

Starting at $150,000

The Conexus Home is an affordable solution for anyone looking for a single-family home, building upon our rapidly-deployable disaster-relief model. Materials and designs are carefully selected to create a beautiful home at a fraction of the cost. Make it yours with the add-ons and packages you choose, from upgraded fixtures and finishes to smart home and healthcare technology..

Living and dining room with gray cabinets and concrete floors.

A home to meet many needs

It all starts with a plan.

  • Component-assembled building technology with higher quality materials and craftsmanship than standard construction

  • A covered porch provides privacy from afar and a community connection like a 
    rowhouse stoop or a front porch from nearby

  • Interior packages curated by award-winning architects and interior designers

  • Bright, health and well-being focused spaces with warm finishes

  • Full-sized bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Cathedral ceilings and dimmable lighting

Conexus Home floorplan with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room and an exterior porch.


Spacious, well-appointed rooms

Bedroom with queen-sized bed

Full sized bathroom with tub, vanity, sink, faucet and mirror

Full kitchen, including range, refrigerator, sink, faucet, custom cabinetry and integrated storage

Well-lit spaces

Uplighting throughout the home

Dimmable lights in main spaces

Operable windows in each room

Efficient appliances

Washer & dryer and dishwasher upgrades 

Built-in air conditioner, water heater, plumbing  and electrical panel

Solar-ready power source

Premium materials

Finished maple plywood interior walls

Waterproof vinyl flooring

Functional storage

Built-in closets and storage throughout with storage loft above bed

Picture rail built in for wall hangings and artwork

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